Analyze, manage and sell your domains via one platform.

The Domainers Platform

NameControl is built from domainers for domainers: One platform to cater to every need of a professional domain investor.

Consolidate Your Parking Stats

Stop logging into various domain parking accounts each day. Analyze consolidated stats from all domain parking providers on NameControl.

Keep Track Of Your Domains

NameControl allows you to track your domain inventory across all major registrars on one single platform.

Never Sell Too Cheap Again

Define dynamic rules that will change your domain prices automatically based on parking revenues, acquisition cost and other criteria.


monthly payment



  • Manage up to 10.000 domains

  • Add up to 2 parking accounts

  • Add up to 2 registrar accounts



  • Manage up to 100.000 domains

  • Add up to 10 parking accounts

  • Add up to 10 registrar accounts

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